Mission Statement



The Ormocanon Circle, USA is an equal opportunity, non-profit organization home based in Southern California, USA. The purposes of the organization are:


        To organize, unite, and give a collective voice to former residents of Ormoc City, Leyte of the Republic of the Philippines and their families who now reside in the United States of America 


        To preserve the good cultural customs and traditions of the Philippines.


        To promote harmony and communication between other Filipino-American organizations.


        To promote harmony and provide liaison between other non-profit organizations within the general areas.


        To recognize the contributions that the Filipino-Americans have given to the American culture.


        To provide a common venue for members to extend their familial and cultural expressions with other members of the organization.


        To sponsor projects that are tailored for the benefit of the people of Ormoc based upon a problem recognized, assessed, and acknowledged by the sitting President of the Ormocanon Circle, USA and approved by the membership.


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