Ormocanon Circle, USA



The Ormocanon Circle, USA aims to give back to its community through projects that are tailored to make the community a better place than what they had left behind.

The following projects have been completed:






OCUSA Remitted Its Financial Donation to HAYAG Foundation – September, 2011
OCUSA recently conducted fund raising efforts that included a Souvenir Program publication and Ormoc Fiesta Celebration 2011 that raised significant monies for OCUSA projects. At the Quarterly Meeting held at the Olegario Residence on August, 2011, the OCUSA members elected to provide financial donations to the HAYAG Foundation.

In a surprise gesture by the venue host, Joe Alacar Olegario, RN volunteered to match the OCUSA donation “one and one” and wrote a personal check in the amount of $1,000 thereby increasing the total donation to $2,000.  The money was later sent to HAYAG on September 14, 2011 and acknowledged to have been received by HAYAG on September 21, 2011.

Subsequent fund-raising efforts will be conducted by OCUSA to continue its support for HAYAG Foundation.

The officers and members of OCUSA extend their gratitude to all the donors and supporters of the the fund-raising efforts and to Joe Alacar Olegario, RN for his benevolent contribution to the HAYAG Foundation project.







OCUSA Selected to Support HAYAG Foundation -
At the Quarterly General Membership meeting held  on October 23, 2010, the OCUSA had unanimously selected to discontinue its organizational support to Ormocanon International. (OI) effective this date. This official discontinuance of support had officially ended four years of support to OI. This simply means that the OCUSA organization will no longer conduct or provide financial support to OI in any of its future projects.  This decision was in keeping with the majority of the memberships’ desire to help other non-profit and charitable organizations that are currently operating in Ormoc who need our financial support the most. 

In its place, OCUSA had selected to support the HAYAG Foundation of Ormoc City, Leyte, Philippines, an Ormoc-based  private non-profit  organization that caters to the needs of orphans and indigent children in Ormoc, to be its new recipient of future financial support.  HAYAG was one of four other proposals that were submitted for membership decision since August, 2010. After all votes from absentee voters and those who were present at the meeting were counted, the resolution was unanimously selected and passed.

Mario Yrastorza Hermosilla, President of OCUSA, had subsequently nominated Marie Cabatingan Manuel to be the official Ambassador and Coordinator of OCUSA and HAYAG Foundation. Marie Cabatingan Manuel incidentally, was one of the co-founders of HAYAG Foundation when it was first established over 30 years ago.  Additionally, Linlin Durano Benitez, another HAYAG supporter who had volunteered in the HAYAG projects during the years, was also nominated to be the co-coordinator for OCUSA. Both graciously were unanimously voted and accepted their nominations to their respected positions . They were later joined by Filomena “Gingging” Manuel-Skievaski, who readily volunteered to become the “on site” coordinator between HAYAG and OCUSA.

Details of the needs of HAYAG were assessed and fund-raising efforts were enacted and conducted right away.



ODH Children’s Ward Room Rehabilitation Project completed in 2010 -
The OCUSA in partnership and in support of OI, had completed funding the ODH Children’s Ward Rooms Renovation project and had turned over the use of the rooms to ODH. This was highlighted by the re-inauguration of the renovated room by His Exellency Carlos “Icot” Petilla, Governor of Northern Leyte on March 19, 2010.

Click HERE to view the news article concerning the inauguration.






Ormoc District Hospital Children’s Ward Room Rehabilitation, 2009
The OCUSA together with the OI, had embarked upon the  project to rehabilitate the Children’s Ward Rooms at the Ormoc District Hospital (ODH), which have been in an a poor material condition. Acting upon a proposal by one of OCUSA member, Elizabeth Sumaljag-Guale, the organization leaders and members got together and garnered pledges from several individuals who have pooled their financial contributions and initiated the project---one room a time. The project included retiling of each room, repainting the walls, replacement of restroom commode and sink, installation of suitable ventilation/air conditioning, and added new beds and furniture. Significant work was conducted to upgrade the plumbing and sewage infra-structure, which needed to be upgraded and become functional.

The first room was finished and was inaugurated in October 25, 2009.






Ormoc District Hospital Rehabilitation, 2007
The Ormocanon Circle, USA
had embarked upon a project to assist in rehabilitating the Ormoc District Hospital (ODH) with funds that were raised for this specific purpose. Plans and fund raising events have been undertaken throughout the last twelve months. An intial fund of
$5,000.00 was raised and used to purchase much-needed equipment will be turned over to the ODH Adminitrator for use at the hospital in time of the Ormoc Fiesta Celebration 2007.






Waiting Shed at the Ormoc City High School gate, 2006
A much-needed waiting shed was erected outside the gate of the Ormoc City High School. It was funded and donated by the Ormocanon Circle, USA organization. A delegation led by Pres. Bobby Quinto, was at the inauguration on June 27, 2006. The event was officiated by Mayor Eric C. Codilla. Just to make sure the waiting shed works, mother nature donated some rain to make the event complete. The shed works and kept everyone dry!!!



Toy Distribution at the Ormoc District Hospital, 2006
Members of the Ormocanon Circle, USA delegation led by Pres. Bobby Quinto, visited the Ormoc District Hospital to distribute toys and stuffed animals for the occasion to sick children that were admitted there. Judging from the smiles of the children and parents alike, the gifts made their stay at the hospital a little bit bearable. The members who had brought in from the United States and made the distribution were Bobby & Beth Quinto; Edong, Inday, & April Molato and Rissa Rapales. The project was the brainchild of Beth Quinto and Inday Molato, both Registered Nurses.