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Dear friends,


This website is designed to provide you with information on who and what the is. It is also designed to facilitate the flow of information from the organization to the members and vice versa.Ever since the new organization was formally formed, the members of the Ormocanon Circle, USA have been meeting regularly in several different venues just to share in fellowship with former town mates, see old friends, and/or get acquainted with new ones. It is no wonder that, no matter how far the next event might be, club members coming from different geographical locations still find time to travel and converge just to enjoy each other's company. This is indeed the hallmark of a dynamic new beginning and renewed commitment to the organization.


It is therefore, hoped that through this medium, from everywhere, especially those from the Southern California region, will use this website to gather information to the fullest advantage it can offer.


Please browse around this website and get familiar with all the information provided herein. Hyperlinks are also provided to get you additional information that are available from other websites as needed.


If you are an Ormocanon and wish to become a member of this organization, please download the Membership Application Form and send the completed form together a check or money order with the applicable amount to the address indicated in the form. Or you can also send an e-mail to the Webmaster with your bio-data and contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail address) and electronic copy of your picture so that we can include you in our social roster for future events. Your picture will be posted in this website unless you specifically instruct us not do so.


Please submit any suggestions, recommendations, news, or anything of interest for the members in general and to the organization in particular to the Webmaster.


Thank you and "Mabuhay."





Mario Yrastorza Hermosilla, MBA-TM




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